Here is all the information you need to start your journey with the Universidad de La Frontera


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  • Follow this link to create an account and select the semester of your choice : Click Here
  • Once you have created an account you will enter your personal information and then be able to check out the diverse classes UFRO has to offer, both electives and academic courses.
  • Choose classes within any program.
  • Be sure to review the enrollment requirements and collect all the documents necessary for your application.  
  • After you complete the entire enrollment process your choices will be reviewed by a faculty member in each department.
  • You will be informed of your enrollment status within the application platform.

Please note that all classes may change depending on when you apply and how many other students are enrolled in each course.

  •  Aplication Platform

 Academic Offer:

  • The Universidad de la Frontera has a modern application system through which you will be able to trace the condition of your application, and where you can have access to the content of the courses taught during the semester you want to apply.
  • After you have finished your application, we recommend checking the academic and general elective offer of our University. Also, the signing up requirements and documents you will have to attach to your application.
  • Once you have verified the information mentioned before, you can begin your application process. It is important to consider that the academic and general elective offer of courses you have already checked may change according to the open call period.

Below are the minimum postulation requirements and documents. These documents are a necessary part of the application process but they do not guarantee your acceptance at UFRO. Within your online account you will be required to attach the following documents:

  1. Copy of passport or other valid form of identification.
  2. Resumé
  3. Certificate or letter proving enrollment as an undergraduate student at your home university.
  4. Letter of Intent
  5. Financial declaration establishing that you are aware of your financial responsibility to the Universidad de la Frontera.
  6. Certificate of academic progress (Transcript).
  7. Health certificate.
  8. Sworn declaration of economic solvency to cover cost of living in the host country.
  9. Proof of International Health insurance covering period of residence in the host country.
  10. Proof of UFRO course registration.
  11. Nomination letter by a relevant faculty member of the home university.
  12. Declaration (outline available within your online account).
  13. Proof of B1 Spanish level, or higher, if student is not a native Spanish speaker.
  14. Certificate of Hepatitis B immunization (only if the student applies to Medical or Odontology Programs).