UFRO Students

More than 450 students from De La Frontera University have lived the experience !

Constanza Baeza Hermosilla

Fifth year, Journalism

“My experience in Romania has been incredible; I have met a different culture and people being surrounded by Erasmus students from other countries. The fact of being able to meet the cultural differences from one conversation is super nice. The Universidad Babes-Bolyai has received us incredibly well and we have adapted easily and with very enthusiasm in classes and in the different activities that we have had.”


Michael Hidalgo Molina

Fifth year, Odontology

“I’m at the present time doing a temporary residence thanks to the Beca Santander.  I’m a Buccal Medicine student; course that has 4 theory hours plus 3 practice hours per week, where also seminars are developed in the Centro Catalán de Oncología ICO, in which patients are evaluated and given treatments; also in child’s buccal surgery, optional theory-practice course, where we participate with periodic rotations by the Máster de Cirugía Buccal e Implantología Bucomaxilofacial, which belongs to post-graduate.”

Fernanda Carrillo Suarez

Fourth year, Law School

“My residence in Huelva has been marvelous. It is a beautiful city, full of university life and joyfull people from everywhere! I like the Andaluz accent. The university is quite big and it has three campuses, the law faculty is the Campus del Carmen. It is 15 minutes walking from my apartment.”

Augusto Aravena Robles

Fifth year Mechanics Engineering

The last almost 5 months in the city of Dresden, Germany, have been positive, my classmates and I haven’t had many inconvenients adapting to this city that, in my opinion, works quite good. But we did have some problems with the information about some protocols of incorporation to the existing system in this country, problems that we pretend to inform to our university when we arrive, so we can help with the adaptation of the future generations.”

Gonzalo Pavez Bravo

Fifth year, Informatics Engineering

“I’m studying at the Technische Universität Dresden, in Dresden, Germany. I can say that my residence here has been excellent in every way, I’ve been able to improve the language, share with people from many diverse cultures and advance in my professional development.”

Mauricio Angulo Krauss

Fourth year Informatics Engineering

“Everybody was very friendly and in general people are very respectful. I made many friends and been invited to visit several places around the world. I planned to go back to Japan; they have a lot of entertaining things to do such as the Sakura’s Summer Festival and the famous Cherry Blossoms that are beautiful.”

Javiera Guzmán Olivos

Fourth year, English Pedagogy

“When I travelled to Japan, I arrived completely relaxed. Actually Japan heals. The experience outside my country, a year on my own, heals. I learnt so many things about me. So, it is very important to be known that it’s essential to live abroad, mainly for the personal experience. Adapting to Japan wasn’t difficult, but coming back and getting adapted here, that’s the complicated part.”

Soledad Huentenao Figueroa

Fifth year, Public Accountant

“During Last semester and the start of this 2016, I did an internship in the Universidad de Granada, España. It was a totally exciting and enriching experience for me both, academic and professionally speaking. I’m very happy for living this amazing experience.”

Alain Arias Betancur

Third year, Odontology

During the first semester of 2015, two of my classmates and I went to the Universidad de Barcelona, Spain, for almost six months. It was an incredible experience in which we not only acquire new knowledge of our area (odontology) but also, we had the chance to involve in the lifestyle of the Catalans.”

Camila Sagredo Reyes

Third year Social Work

“I’m so glad of being a part of the international residence scholarship that the UFRO offers to its students. Today, I’m in Spain and I must recognize that it has been a wonderful experience, I totally recommend to my classmates to apply and live new experiences that will allow us to grow both in academic and personal development”